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The Caribbean Connection - Adrian Tropical Malecon

The Caribbean Connection - Adrian Tropical Malecon

Along the Malecon, overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Santo Domingo, Adrian Tropical is great for a refreshing beer or fresh fruit juice, but renowned for it’s classic Dominican menu. Particularly tasty is a popular dish known as Mofongo, a combination of boiled and mashed green plantain and garlic with crunchy bits of chicaron – deep fried pork rind. Locals love the version served with shrimp.

Each guest here is greeted with a sampling of Sancocho, a national gastronomic ritual (soup!) made from various root plants, plantain, yam, pumpkin, and a balanced mixture of pork, chicken, goat, salt pork, etc., seasoned with garlic and onion, sour orange, and a few select spices.

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